The Good Stuff

In the midst of the turmoil and heartache that this world constantly endures, I want to do the best I can to help you stay grounded and focus on what’s positive. Let’s step back from the red coffee cup controversies, the political debates, the terrorist attacks, and anything else in mainstream media that generally makes you unhappy.

This picture makes me very happy.

This picture is something that makes me very happy.

This isn’t a  “how to stay positive” post, but instead is a “here’s what I do and you should too” post. I do my best to focus on what I like to call the good stuff. I don’t have a specific definition for the good stuff because it will be different for everybody, but I think you’ll understand by reading some of my examples.

My wife and I made a trip to Columbus, Ohio last weekend to visit family. The following list contains parts of the weekend that I consider to the good stuff.

  • The good stuff is not seeing my mom for two months and being greeted immediately with a hug, even if I have to bend down a little because she’s only 4’11”.
  • The good stuff is watching my photographer wife take special maternity photos for my sister.
  • The good stuff is entertaining my two nephews by making up a story about having to protect their aunt and mom from bad guys while the photos were being taken.
  • The good stuff is pretending to be superheroes with your nephews in order to protect the previously mentioned ladies. I was assigned Wolverine, while my almost three-year old nephew was (baby) Hulk, and my five-year old nephew was Thor. The only slightly confusing part is that Thor’s cape has a Superman symbol on it (see photo above).
  • The good stuff is my mom preparing a Thanksgiving-esque meal and properly setting the table because she knew I wouldn’t be there on actual Thanksgiving.
  • The good stuff is my youngest niece wanting me to flip her, tickle her, or allow her to “put me in jail.” The latter is bogus because she never reads me my rights of charges me with a crime!
  • The good stuff is my oldest niece learning how to drive and me being brave by letting her take me to Taco Bell.
  • The good stuff is playing a trivia game with your “older and wiser” sister to find out that she is indeed older….and wiser.
  • The good stuff is escalating one goofy comment to the point you find yourself in a “pee your pants” kind of laughing fit. This happens all of time with my family. You know it’s on when you see my mom crossing her legs.
  • The good stuff is leaving while knowing in my heart that they will all be waiting for us when we return.
My sister and her third boy.

My sister and her third boy.

She did a great job!

By the way, she did a great job!

The point I would like to make is that for every tragedy or disheartening news story you come across, there is plenty of “good stuff” in your life that you should be focusing on. Take some time to yourself to think about what’s going on around you that truly makes you happy, whether it’s a special person (or people), an accomplishment, or significant life event.

Please feel welcome to some of your good stuff with me! I would be happy to hear about other great things that are happening in this world.

Thanks for reading!

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