Keynote at KSU

I recently had the opportunity to return to my collegiate alma mater of Kent State University to present a talk to a group of current students. I occasionally make it to campus because I live so close, but this was the first time visiting as a keynote speaker!

The event was hosted by I Survived College, which is an up-and-coming online social network dedicated to those who are about to attend college, who are currently attending college, and those who have graduated from college. It provides an outlet for people to share advice and experiences that might benefit others who find themselves in similar situations. The site provides a more targeted platform, instead of just blasting a question on other social media sites. It’s pretty cool! Check it out here!

What’s really awesome is that the event was sponsored by Delta Sigma Pi, the co-ed professional business fraternity of which I’m a member. The brothers were willing to spread the word by advertising across campus. Thanks, DSP!

Speaking at this event was a great experience for me and hopefully beneficial for those in attendance. As I continue to build my skill-set as a speaker, my main focus will be creating and sharing material that could make an impact on the audience. It’s my desire to use any experience I have and any knowledge I gain to inspire others to achieve whatever it is they want to achieve. And even if just one person is impacted, I’ll consider that a success.

I’m happy and thankful to have found something that I can be passionate about. What is it that you’re passionate about? Are you taking the right steps to pursue your passion?

Let me know how I can help!

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