Yoga is for Everybody

Yes. Yoga is for everybody. This post might be more about yoga than leadership, but it all blends together, I promise!

I’ve only been to a handful of yoga classes, but I’ve incorporated a few poses and stretches into my routine since summer of 2014. Some people seem surprised when they hear that I’m beginning to practice yoga, and I don’t blame them. I admit that I was a yoga skeptic and will tell you that I never thought I would do it. When urged to try I would usually respond with something like, “ehhh, it’s just not for me.” Over the past few months I’ve learned what yoga actually is and have developed an appreciation for it. That leads me to the inspiration for this post.

My wife, Allison, recently became a registered yoga teacher (RYT 200). The amount of training involved came as a surprise to me. (If you think training simply involves doing a lot of yoga, you’re wrong.) It’s more than just asanas and mats. Her training involved learning anatomy and physiology, theories and methodologies, assists and modifications, leadership and instruction and I’m sure it included plenty of other detail of which I’m unaware. She attended training at Yoga Strong in Canton, Ohio every other Thursday, Saturday and Sunday for four and a half months. She knew up front that it would be a large commitment, but she also knew exactly what she wanted.

Graduates of the first Yoga Teacher Training at Yoga Strong in Canton, Ohio.

Allison (bottom right) with her fellow RYT graduates.

The real inspiration comes from Allison finding something that she’s passionate about, then dedicating her time and resources to use that passion to help others. That’s a leadership characteristic that I don’t see too often. It goes beyond doing something for your own benefit by displaying pure selflessness. The first thing she taught me was that yoga is for everybody. Runners, cyclists, weight-lifters, tennis players, moms and dads, grandparents and children. People with anxiety, stress, frequent headaches, hangovers, injuries, hypertension and diabetes. It doesn’t matter what your condition is (even perfectly healthy), yoga can benefit you in multiple ways. One reason I enjoy going to yoga classes is because it gives me the chance to completely disconnect with the outside world and to focus purely on myself.

Here is a great beginner video that you can do on your own.


I have two challenges for you.

  1. Find something that you’re passionate about and use that passion to help others.
  2. Give yoga a chance. I’m confident you’ll see benefits just as I did. Yoga is for everybody.

Are you already using your passion to help others? If so, let me know by leaving a comment below!

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