Team Leadership: What makes it work?

A few days ago a friend of mine published a blog post that referenced The Mighty Ducks. She did a great job of bringing back childhood nostalgia, but more importantly she asks a great question: “Who was your favorite Mighty Duck?”

My vote goes to Goldberg, but I would like to talk about team leadership before I explain why.

Have you ever been on a team that has that one person who doesn’t want to do anything? Have you ever been on a team that has that guy who wants to do everything? I’ve been on both of those teams, and honestly, the results were less than stellar.

What makes a team succeed? When working with a team, I like to consider the three C’s –

1. Communication – Communication must be open and honest. No member of your team should feel like they didn’t have an opportunity to voice an opinion.

2. Coordination – The operations should be carefully coordinated among the team members. Plans need to be drawn out and duties assigned accordingly to each member.

3. Cooperation – Each member needs to cooperate by fulfilling his or her duties. If everyone does their job, it will be smooth sailing from there.

I find that teamwork is very intriguing to me. In my experience, people seem to perform at their best when members of a team are relying on them.

Back to Goldberg – I’m fascinated by the relationship between the goalie and other members of a hockey team. The goalie relies on the offense to keep the puck at the opposite end of the rink (and to hopefully score), while the other players rely on the goalie to stop the puck every time it is fired at him. In my opinion, sometimes the best offense is a good defense.

What do you think makes a team succeed?

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2 Responses to Team Leadership: What makes it work?

  1. I’m so happy my blog post resulted in a new post for you! The Mighty Ducks could give me a million different things to blog about, but I think leadership is an interesting twist.

    To continue the hockey theme, I’m going to bring the Penguins into this discussion. I think the Penguins are a great example of team success, and I think a lot of it comes from team leaders using the “lead by example” theory. The top players for the organization are not very outspoken guys who have to give a big pep talk before each game. Instead, they show up and work hard every single day. Younger players have said in interviews that the work ethic of team leaders has shown them exactly how Penguins are supposed to behave as champions. I think leading by example is crucial to team success.


    • I’m glad you’re happy! I had to choose Goldberg, although Charlie Conway is the team’s natural leader.

      I absolutely agree with you about the “lead by example” theory. Isn’t it funny how when we’re little we mimic others (monkey-see, monkey-do), but when we’re adults we switch roles and hope that others will mimic us?

      Thanks for reading!


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